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Your social media marketing is the face of your company and tells the story of your brand. It’s how you connect on a personal and professional level with your customers. Spark new conversations and build relationships with a local or even a global community. Effective social media marketing campaigns ensure you learn, plot and get ahead of what your customers need. That’s where we come in.

The impression you make on social media can last a lifetime. There are 3.6 billion active monthly users around the world on instagram and facebook alone. Our social media marketing services in Devon and London work to build consumer trust. In congruence with your brand reputation, we curate and increase your online presence around the globe.

We create a targeted social media marketing strategy to achieve your goals. Coincide Media are a social media marketing agency in London and South Devon, but you don’t have to be a local company to benefit from our global-reaching, adaptable social media campaigns. Multi-platform marketing needs a creative and proactive social media management agency.

From Facebook and Instagram to YouTube we are the cutting edge of marketing. We curate a cohesive strategy to establish a clear brand image and at the same time, maximise the impact you can have on different platforms.



We prefer to curate flexible social media strategies. This means we can take advantage of market trends, relevant social topics and so much more! You can expect adaptive, innovative ideas from our social media agency.

Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your social profiles and current visibility is our starting point. We use a range of tools, as well as a collaborative manual analysis. This determines the performance and engagement levels before the campaign gets started. The creative cogs for optimisation are sure to be turning in our head. All audits are handled at our social media marketing agency in London and Essex, for clients across the globe.

You might have decided to work with a social media management agency because competitors are flying. We analyse the players and competitors in your market, whether you’re an SME in devon and the Home Counties, a national company in London or a global corporation based overseas. We provide critical insights into how they are approaching social media marketing in your industry. Integrating and tailoring these key elements into your campaign can increase brand awareness. We are a full service digital and social media marketing agency in London. This collective approach achieves even higher conversion rates.

Your social media marketing strategy will include monthly content calendars. This will feature scheduled posts across each platform. We maintain consistent posting at optimal times for maximum engagement and visibility. We will keep your campaign fresh, with quality, creative and relevant ideas and designs if you need content creation to. To do this, we perform ongoing competitor and sector analysis.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. Manual checks and consistent monitoring of algorithm and industry changes are part of our service. We are always on hand for client communication through our dedicated client channels. We will watch any consumer engagement and provide feedback in regular reports. We will also interact with the market to push your brand voice even further, wherever your audience is.

We are a transparent social media marketing agency. Our Devon and London teams deliver comprehensive monthly analytical  reports. They outline achievements and results across all platforms, with a breakdown for organic and paid social. Our proactive approach to social media strategies’ means they may change in line with industry best practices. Reports include an outline for the month. We always want to keep you in the loop.


More Than 3 billion people have active social media accounts. This means there are billions of reasons you could benefit from social media marketing management. Every user is an opportunity. Social media marketing services can help you strategically snap up those opportunities. From increased brand awareness, improved inbound traffic, a boost in your search engine rankings and conversion rates, we help to take your business to new heights. Working in London, Devon & with global clients, our social media agency is well equipped to help you.

Social Media Stratagy

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Which Platforms Should I Have A Presence On?

Determining the platforms you should use depends on your brand’s vision and the audience you’re looking to attract. Our social media marketing experts ensure the channels we recommend for your brand are appropriate, tailored to your most immediate goals. We will consider the ideal audience and will be effective both in the short and long-term.


How Active Do My Profiles Need To Be?

Remaining active on social media is more important than ever. In order to successfully cut through the noise, you need to post on your channels at least 4 times per week. Each platform should have a bespoke strategy that contributes to the grander scheme of things. Our SMM agency can handle and schedule all of this for you, posting at precisely the best time to maximise your visibility.


Do I Need A Paid Budget?

Whilst a paid social media presence is not a necessity, setting aside a budget for platform-based ads can be highly beneficial for channels on which you do not already have a significant presence. With millions of businesses fighting for visibility, paid search can give you a boost. Our social media experts will provide you with detailed audits of the ads you could be running and estimate the return you’d receive as part of your social media.


Can You Have The Same Social Media Strategy For Different Channels?

It is possible to integrate the same social media strategy across multiple channels however each channel offers something unique. Demographics differ, the content they are looking to consume is different, and how you should approach your brand’s presence should reflect this. Our social media marketing services tailor strategies to each channel. This will ensure that each channel will perform optimally.


Do You Send Reports?

Yes, we do! Track the increase of your impressions, followers, traffic, mentions and more with our monthly reports. Performance is important, and our transparent reporting can help you to keep track. We can also show you how your social media campaign is impacting other digital efforts. Learn how we refine each channel’s performance and understand the strategy in more detail.


How Much Time Should Be Spent On Social Media Marketing?

Timing is everything. But not in a limiting way. While we use the latest in automation to ensure your allocated budget is spent on creativity to maximise upon your investment, we keep a close eye on what’s happening, when it’s happening. Being timely and responsive is important. We ensure that your customers aren’t kept waiting. Social media marketing is a full-time job, and our comprehensive service will show you why.

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